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EX-35R Sistem Penggera


Model EX-35R
Coverage WIDE : 11m x 11m 85° wide
LONG : 17m x 1.7m long range
Detection zones WIDE : 64 zones / 28 zones(pet alley)
LONG : 12 zones / 4 zones(pet alley)
Sensitivity 1.6°C at 0.6m/sec.
Detectable speed 0.3m - 1.5m/sec.
Power supply 3 - 9V alkaline battery or lithium battery
Operating voltage 2.3 - 10V DC
Current consumption 3.5µA (standby)
10mA (walktest, LED on)
Alarm period Approx. 2.5 sec.
Alarm output Form C-solid state switch 10V DC 0.01A (max.)
Alarm interval Alarm output is inactive until there is a 2 min.
period of inactivity in the pattern area.

Tamper switch

N.C. Opens when cover is removed: 28V DC 0.1A max.
Pulse count Approx. 20 sec. 2 or 4
IMPORTANT: When selecting the long range detection pattern, always set pulse count selector on "2".
Warm-up period Approx. 60 sec.
LED indicator Disable during normal operation
Alarm condition (walk test)
Operating temperature -10°C to +50°C
Environmental humidity 95% max.
RF interference No Alarm 20V/m
Mounting height Normal: 1.2-2.4m / Pet alley: 0.6m - 1.2m
Weight 142g
(H x W x D)

114mm x 70mm x 76mm
space for a transmitter
80mm x 50mm x 23mm

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